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1. Жанр: Городское фентези.
2. Продолжительность: 324 страницы.
3. Преамбула: Этот мир полон Цвета. Так ли было всегда? Что осталось позади? Что ждет впереди? Все что-то скрывают, правду приходится выуживать из слухов. Каждое событие теперь можно истолковать иначе — в этом мире, мире Цвета. Ты начинаешь понимать, что война может быть слишком разной, чтобы сразу ее заметить — в себе, или вокруг.
4. Центральные персонаж — Авис Морроуз. Оператор фиолетового. «Тряпка-герой», трус, замкнут. Любознателен, параноидален, бывает болезненно откровенен. Не знает, за что ему сражаться, но все равно продолжает искать.
5. Что есть: Душераздирательность, упор на историю персонажей, отвратительные ублюдки, ненужные герои, размытость тонов, визновелльность, жесть и фарфор.
6. Что происходит сейчас — Сбор средств на издание книги.


Кстати, цветопаблик вконтакте.


"World full of colour" backgroung in English


The plot is somehow twisted. It is based on the general idea that some people can use colour like some sort of mana, creating things from nothing. To do such things, they have to suck colour from the outer world. Every person has their own colour, and it seems that the whole thing appeared in but one town on the faraway east of Russia, Zakatniy.
Having acquired this gift, someday you`ll be cursed by a certain sort of periodical madness, called the "Colour madness".
Being teenagers, people around this Colour thing began to form some sort of bands and clubs, researching this subject. Those were happy times.
But when Colour madness appeared, they were scared shitless. Moved by xenophobia and panic, some clubs, unaware of such a feature of Colour madness as periodicity, declared a war against Colour madmen, killing them with their gift. There were those who stood against the killing. And the fight continued, but from madmen the two sides turned against one another.
Some time passed, and boys and girls decided to settle the argument by one single battle. On the hill of Shivering dawn, they met and began the fight. A lot of people died, and more were wounded. Exhausted and misguided, the remains of the ones who possessed the gift of colour, returned to the city.
Well, there were also the ones, who remained neutral. And when the fighters returned, they heard about some mysterious girl, who appeared before the ones who didn`t participate the battle. She told them that from now, war would be no more a senseless killing, that in the end, when the only one winner remains, he, the winner, would receive all Colour in the world, possessed by her, the very soul of Colour.
And so the struggle continued. In this period, where nobody was an ally to each other, a strange man appears. He was quite grown-up for the Colour possessor. After a short amount of time, he gathered a strong fist of united possessors and began killing disjunct warriors. This process was called "Extermination".
So, some time later possessors realized that this man with his band, called "The new templars", wiped out almost every one of them. They made a late attempt to gather their own forces, which resulted in creation of so-called "Bridge-blowers committee". Finally, the war was settled into only two opposite sides.
Some time passed again. The opponents soon lost all newbies, and couldn`t find new ones. A thought that the war is close to its end and that no one shall ever possess Colour again — except of the survivors, appeared. That`s where our story starts: in the middle of the conflict, where all hope and motivation is lost, and only tiredness remains.


Цвет дописан! Celebration of the lizard — here. Приготовьтесь к долгому, нудному периоду редактуры и парочке сюрпризов.


Немного видео видео про Цвет.


Еще немного видео про Цвет.


Цветосекция в паблосе, описывающая историю проекта


Страница проекта на планете.ру, на которой ведется сбор средств


3-й цветовидос


4-й цветовидос